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    October 29, 2013
    11:00 - 11:31pm PDT  

beat officers, officers on foot, officers on bicycles, school resource officers . if the hours were stretched, it would stress our resources that much later into night to cover those extra hours making this a 24 hour time like new york is. right now it's not a conversation that we are in a position to have. >> so i understand there is going to be some policing training. >> we have plans to be full staffing by 2018. >> you have a question? >> it's more of just a comment going along with the 4 a.m. legislature. i know you said you are short on resources,
it's also something to consider the standpoint of club employees. i work the bar staff and ride a bicycle. if a show goes really late and the bars let out at 130 and all these massive people and it's an issue of safety for employees also along with patrons. i know you mentioned your club gets out at 4:00. we are next to you. i guess it's more of thinking about the fact that when everybody is released all at once, i think it's a safety issue for employees too that are trying to get home for people working there. it's our jobs and you know it's offending for myself with these
bicycles and i'm offending for my life with people swerving. >> i'm sure this is a room where if we took a vote, i would be in the minority. my job is to enforce the laws in the book. if it does change to 4:00. we will figure it out, but if in my opinion now where i place my resources, the way right now is i believe the best i can do for managing the resources i have. >> okay. >> part of it too is one of the things we want is the clubs to police themselves and we don't ask people to be pushed out into street. they have a responsibility for these individuals as they leave as
well. so sean as another private companies do a good job of policing the streets and we leave it to the individual owners on any given night and i have said to other individuals as well that to take the temperature of your club and if you don't like what's going on, shut it down a little bit earlier and shut the music down a little bit early so they are not all taken out at one time. if you have different genres omusic and different cultures, that's where there could be some tension. we ask the owners to take responsibility not only for the people in the club, but when they get out as well they police the sidewalks and call the police department. as previous individuals we have never puntively addressed
anyone when they call. we address the calls accordingly. we tend to use the numbers favorably. >> back to what this chief said, i certainly understand the fact that staffing drives a lot of this and i think it would be useful for us given where we are in terms of staffing to have a conversation of what would it take in terms of resources to get to the right amount of staffing prior to 18 if that's where we are now and talking about making changes that could expand hours i'm sure this community could be very interested in working with the police department to get to that point, 2018 is a long time. but i think that to expedited the right result with staffing, there are things we
can do right now. we are undermining our own efforts to grow the economy and hopefully we don't have to wait to have those conversations. >> okay. berry, did you want to say something? >> supervisor really hit on it fairly quickly as well. that is i was just going to ask chief sur if there is anything that our industry can do to expedited the staffing and the resources that might be needed to help in light of the economic study that has been done. we can show that entertainment and nightlife is a great part of our economy. how can we show that?
>> given the money that is available in the city budget and a lot of cuts are now asking for things back, for me to ask for more would get me just as much ill will from other communities that would be an expense. we are hiring three classes a year for the next year starting last year. there was a more aggressive plan that was 54322 or i don't remember exactly, but it was each academy class is about $4 million addition to the police department budget. so it's a lot of money. >> mr. rene? >> before we leave today i would like to say something to rich van cole. dave left years ago and he had been running the alcoholic department. dave was extremely knowledgeable and
level headed and fair and rich who i believe is leaving the department. he's one of these guys who is leaving with a big exodus. he has done an amazing job. i would like everyone to give him a round of applause because he has been [ applause ] a real friend and out there every time and always trying to reach solutions and i hope that we can get somebody in those positions that will continue with that where he see's the need for entertainment and public safety and he's always trying to balance and he's done it really well. thank you. >> we are slight looking constrained for time and although i wanted to ask a question of all of you about late night food, instead i will say that i would like to offer you all some food in our breakout session. a couple of
pieces of business before we go. one, please be sure to pick up these and come to our breakout sessions. we are in the rooms out in the hallway. those who have been here you know, if not staff will direct you. that's one piece. we have yet one more trivia question and then a little tribute to your local trade organization california music and culture theme act. >> this is the last one. this is the 4 out of 4 last one. this year the entertainment commission held the first 90s award. who won the marquis award at the very first 90s award. i'm going to run through all. the first question was who sells the second highest quantity of beer of san francisco. at&t one and the
second, our board of supervisors who has played on bands, who are those two supervisors and the third one is about our chief, his very first concert, who was the head liner of that concert and who won the marquis award. when you fill out your card we are going into one of the conference rooms for food and you can put your card out and you win a delicious treat. cupcakes. >> yes. just so you know california music and culture theme act provides all the food and beverages every time we have one of these events. and
now♪ >> when you are talking about nightlife this is part of what makes the city unique and what makes it a different place. >> there is nothing more rewarding than the crowd reaction when you see these events. >> i met with people that were some of the most creative and talented forces that i came across. when i met them, that's what i want to do and that's what i want to be. that's where people come together building relationships and change the world. >> entertainment is a dramatic
builder and people come here to enjoy the lifestyle in san francisco and to be successful in this industry is to have a diversity of options for people and to have an active entertainment scene. >> we have spent so much time trying to keep the doors open. >> the industry, they are going through the most tumultuous times trying to make a living. it shouldn't be that difficult. >> we have san francisco band musicians situations facing these problems surrounding issues and we want everyone to enjoy music here. >> i think it great that this
community is getting organize. san francisco is a really complicated place. it's really important that we have an organization that can speak on our behalf and strongly about the political influence. >> we can talk to the politicians, sit with the directors and try to make sense that this is hurting the industry. >> nightlife needs the support of city government including the support of the police. i think that can happen. i think we can be a cooperative relationship. it helps to create a unified voice and helps to tell a story about why that industry is important. nightclub owners in general we don't share a lot of information together. >> something like this should have been around when i was starting out. >> they could have answered all of my questions. this is going to identify best practices.
>> i think it's great. >> an organization like c mac can help preserve the diversity in france that you can't find in other places.♪ >> [ applause ]
. >> any other board members from c mac here? >> turns out we are getting an award. >> i'm kathy peg executive director for rockers. it was ten years ago that the entertainment commission was formed and also the earplug ordinance was passed and san francisco because everyone's effort is the safest hearing city in the nation. i want to thank you for this award. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> thank you so much. i want to thank all of our panelist.
we'll see you in the breakout. >> [ applause ] >> >> welcome everyone and thanks for being here today. i want to extend a special welcome to all of our distinguished speakers. so first, the honorable edwin mayor of san francisco. san francisco (clapping) thank you. san francisco board of supervisors david chu and san francisco port executive
director monique mirror (clapping) and our president and ceo paul guests the tall guy in the back. i'm sorry and sprifrp kim. there should say right there thank you >> so the building our standing in was built in 1938 as a transit shed and it's been used for many things for many defy types of folks. wire super proud to have our ribbon cutting. some of you have had a tour and you'll be able to see all the wonderful things. a little bit about some of the things we did if develop this space is it was very important that we use green building
design standards. so in all of our construction of the project and so many of the things the lighting for example, the heating and cooling systems all done with lead compliant standards and then in the near future we'll be using solar on the roof and generating such as 75 percent of our power requirements here. so very green approach to the space. so this is the home of our consumer product groups headed up by this lady and as well as our advanced research groups that's doing bioresearch.
so i think without further ado it's my great pleasure to introduce the audit desks president ceo ceo and chief maker. carl was instrumental if helping us choose the equipment and he's capable of working with everything in the shop so carl (clapping) >> good morning, everybody. and thanks for being here. it's a real pleasure to be able to stand here and open up the facility. as i look around i see many, many people who are instrumental in helping this project get started. as many of you know building a project it's not a typical
building or a typical use your typical site and we worked closely with many of the people both on architecture and construction and people in the city government and people at the port. everybody was wonderful. it's making up it seems like months ago it was a crazy idea and now it is already people have peeked in and seen is it. it's what everything wants. we're really excited about it. for in developing our software so groups include the structurally group and it distributes the work and we have
the tools to make what people want to make but also our advanced research group. so we have an advanced group here looking at the future of manufacturing. so we're happy to are participate and it's my pleasure to be here. under were so many people that contributed. i'll just tell you there's nothing for fun i've been working on a go-cart and trying out the equipment and a calibrating the machines but there's nothing more fun than the tourists coming walking down and be looking in and get to watch you use the equipment 80 to make stuff. it's really a great location in
being not only in the center of the city. there's so many things that hearsay a hands on place but this is the next place. how do we take science and make it a workable item. thanks to everybody (clapping) >> all right. thank you very much carl. mayor lee >> thank you. >> invite you up next. >> wow. first of all, chris and carl congratulations to everyone with auto desk. and unusually it's been about the office expansion at the one market had he highway his staff is expanding. and it's invaluable to our own
tech industry and our capital that our city a proud to be that all desk is right here. when you go to the museum you'll realize there's a new history here. some years ago the engineers and the architect in my office came up to me and said you've god got to understand cad the computer sawdust thing now everybody is on computer. this is the new training we have to do and fast forward you go to the laboratory sites in mission bay and look at the bio sciences what we're doing and you see our
own cells in 3-d and how the medical dloefrz are being made and you can from people who design the golden gate bridge and you realize this technology is now infiltrating everything we want to do with cell structures and assisting doctors discover how to look at cells easier to get to the solutions of the big diseases. well, now you've got this space and walking through here with supervisor chu and supervisor kim we're calibrating ourselves what the heck to do because there is so much to be done. i can talk about it but i have to suggest it to you this is the
beginning of manufacturing what we thought it was. there is a redid i mention going on with the machinery the way this 3-d ability at looking at things in an additional way and making them available to the intirnlz this year this is what the ports always wanted to do exhibit this. for years monique and i have tried to a figure out how do we get our waterfront that much more innovative. the reason why you take such views you match them with the innovative spirit we have on staff at auto desk and you realize people inventing things
here is going to be incredible and auto desk is in the center. you're looking at a company that's going to teach people how to use tools like this. one of their staff i think nova has his own website to teach people how to kiss. of course, i've induced supervisor kim to go directly to that website to be instructed but that's one of thousands of instructions that gone with new tools. i talked to carla few minutes ago about the introduction of tablets into the schools and the
kids might get the applications. it's incredible part of our education were fast forward not only are those machines and tools exposing people to a new way of manufacturing but we need to make more things and allow the world to do it in a modern way. it's not just having the workshops but exposing them to the 3-d abilities. that manufacturing that ability to manufacture onshore will be introduced right here in san francisco because of this incredible performance. they have a bio printing. what's that.
some of the people from my hometown in seattle want to give him a bet on the 479 and seahawks and they want me to shave off my mustache and if i do that i don't expect too because we'll win i have bio printing to help me roar that maybe i've got a tool. the bio printing is going to be an extremely serious work. along with the playful and educational introduction we're on the verge of a huge transportation. just like when the engineers
came to my office we're no longer going to use 2 dimensional we're going to help everybody to solve problems in the world. it's that addressed dimension and it's incredible to fast forward a new economy that's going to be here. so you can obviously feel the excitement it's like a kid walking into a candy store and thinking and calibrating what we can do as a city to support this just explosion i think that will go on. it's happening in the city and the waterfront and congratulations carl and you're wonderful staff being here introducing us to a new version
of the markers movement manufacturing. i'm proud of the city and of the people here because it begins with people's to his and it improves people's lives. thank you very much (clapping) >> thank you very much. and we certainly appreciate your support throughout the project. another gentleman who's been helpful throughout this process is supervisor chu and i'll introduce him to come up and make a few remarks thank you, sir >> let me first say that supervisor kim and you are still thinking about the website but we need an instrumental video to
teach the mayor how to shave the mustache. i want to introduce newest member and supervisor kim reminded me that you have also extended our generosity as a neighbor northeasterly he will e helping us to port the job training to everyone can be part of our technology boom. it was an, however, to move all of you here i want to thank supervisor kim. i was excited because 4 years ago i started a software company and as mayor lee and jane know more many, many years i thought our city is so close to silicon valley by the way, we all wondered why wasn't more of that happening in